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The New Wave of Commercial Advertising - Blurring the Lines Between Branded Content & Documentary Filmmaking

Commercial attitudes towards content marketing are shifting as more companies are using documentary as a medium to communicate their brand values. A production company who are helping to pave the way in proving high-quality commercial content has integrity within the film-making industry are Rogan Productions, a pioneering documentary company led by award-winning Director and Producer James Rogan.

Whilst Rogan Productions specialise in high-end broadcast documentary and have produced work with many of the major international broadcasters, they are also making significant strides in the commercial field, having embarked on creative collaborations with brands such as The Balvenie, Global Arts Corps and Morgan Motor Company. One of their recent commercial collaborations was a feature film called The Intelligent Hand, which had its global premiere at BAFTA London last year and has since been acquired for worldwide distribution.

The release of Rogan Productions’ film Twilight of the Masters, a commission by The Balvenie, is another film which will break the mould of traditional commercial content by its use of powerful narrative story-telling and cinematic imagery. Twilight of the Masters is a film that travels to Japan, Scotland and the US to share the story of three of the world’s greatest master craftsmen as they reach the twilight hours of their careers. The film follows David Stewart (Malt-Master at the Balvenie distillery), Warren Mackenzie (Master Potter and one-time apprentice of the late British master Bernard Leach) & Myojin (Knife & Samuri sword master).

Due for online release mid-November, the film was recently unveiled at The Balvenie DCS Compendium Launch at the Wallace Collection in London to a select group of industry professionals and members of The Balvenie’s exclusive Warehouse 24 club. Having been shot in prime lenses, this 16-minute short film veers away from the format of traditional branded content and instead offers a cinematic experience for its audience, communicating the values of The Balvenie through more refined methods of communication that resonate with the sensibilities of their customers.

Twilight of the Masters is due to be released online mid-November. Watch the trailer here now

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Twilight of the Masters was produced by Rogan Productions, a pioneering high-end documentary company based in London. Spearheaded by James Rogan, an award-winning Director & Producer with extensive experience in fiction, documentary and commercials, the company have built a reputation for delivering world-class films across the documentary and commercial industry. Visit the Rogan Productions Website