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Due for release in mid-November, Twilight of the Masters is a film that travels to Japan, Scotland and the US to share the story of three of the world’s greatest master craftsmen as they reach the twilight hours of their careers.

Twilight of the Masters offers a moving portrait of some of the world’s greatest craftsmen at work, revealing how these masters plan to preserve their knowledge for posterity and prepare for their departure from this world. The film follows David Stewart (Malt-Master at the Balvenie distillery in Speyside, Scotland), Warren Mackenzie (Master Potter and one-time apprentice of the late British master Bernard Leach) & Myojin (Knife & Samuri sword master).

Commissioned by the Balvenie, Rogan Productions produced this film with Director John Gutierrez, who worked on the Grammy Award winning feature documentary Runnin’ Down A Dream. Rogan Productions & The Balvenie have collaborated on numerous projects together in the past and share a unique connection in their passion for the authenticity of craft. One of their recent collaborations, The Intelligent Hand, had its global premiere at BAFTA London and has since been acquired by Espresso TV for worldwide distribution.

Director John Gutierrez commented on the collaboration between Rogan Productions and The Balvenie:

‘I have worked with Balvenie on a number of films in the past, and once again they were a dream to work with. Balvenie understands better than most what it takes to craft something of the highest quality. They appreciate that a well-crafted film takes time and resources and are willing to invest in both. They put the same faith in me and the team of filmmakers at Rogan Productions that they put in their team of whisky makers at the distillery. Because of this we were able to craft a film that is not only sincere, beautiful and entertaining but one that accurately reflects the values of the whisky it represents.’

Twilight of the Masters is due to be released online mid-November. Watch the trailer here now, and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about the film’s release plans.

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Twilight of the Masters was produced by Rogan Productions, a pioneering high-end documentary company based in London. Spearheaded by James Rogan, an award-winning Director & Producer with extensive experience in fiction, documentary and commercials, the company have built a reputation for delivering world-class films across the documentary and commercial industry. Visit the Rogan Productions Website